ENG130 is a writing course in the discipline of English.

Building on the interdisciplinary work of ENG 110, it teaches students how to write meaningfully about literature with the rhetorical moves and the research tools that prove most useful to contemporary critics.

Students who plan to study English and related fields are encouraged to satisfy the College Writing 2 (CW2) requirement with ENG 130. It teaches them how to use the knowledge they gained in ENG 110 to succeed in the major by:

  • Creating arguable theses about literary texts.
  • Supporting their theses with close reading.
  • Marshaling primary and secondary sources for textual analysis.
  • Finding, citing, and evaluating sources using appropriate research tools.
  • Deploying critical terms effectively.
  • Conversing with other scholars in the field, orally and in writing.

Students in other majors may satisfy the CW2 requirement with ENG 130, too, but they are encouraged to select the eligible course that is closest to their field. For a current list of CW2 courses, see the College Writing 2 website.

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